Cyft combines proven healthcare-specific machine learning + natural language technology with deep operational knowledge to achieve transformative results for value-based organizations and the families they serve. For more information, visit

Data prep is mundane, manual and frankly isn't what data scientists enjoy doing. As it stands, data scientists spend roughly 80% of their time preparing data. Datalogue tackles data preparation by combining computer vision and natural language processing techniques so you can quickly and accurately start experimenting with data. For more information, visit


Epidemico is a core platform for monitoring and understanding health topics derived from online conversations across media sources. The company offers custom portfolios by topic, including disease outbreaks, food and drug safety, product and brand sentiment, patient experience, and rare patient identification. For more information, visit

Path AI applies deep learning techniques to massive aggregated sets of pathology data to build algorithms to automatically detect and diagnose medical conditions – with the goal of helping hundreds of millions of people receive fast, accurate diagnosis. For more information, visit


PillPack is a full-service pharmacy that delivers a better, simpler experience through convenient packaging, modern technology, and personalized service. For more information, visit


Prognos leverages a vast amount of clinical data using AI and advanced analytics technologies to drive the right decisions earlier and improve health. For more information, visit

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Sphera is a data science company dedicated to improving clinical radiology by applying machine learning and deep learning technologies. For more information, visit